Let nostalgia take over with this delicious take on a sweet and creamy ambrosia.  The Vanilla & Plum flavoured yogurt adds something special to this dessert that will be sure to delight.

Serves 6

  • 500mL EasiYo Greek Style Vanilla & Plum Flavour Yogurt
  • 125mL cream, softly whipped
  • 250g mini marshmallows
  • 250g desiccated coconut
  • 250g chopped pineapple (fresh or tinned)
  • 200g raspberries
  • Toasted coconut flakes


    1. Fold the yogurt and cream together in a large bowl, then add the marshmallows, coconut pineapple and semi-crushed raspberries (saving a little of each for garnish).
    2. Mix together  gently to keep light and fluffy.
    3. Spoon into glasses or bowls and garnish.
    4. Chill or serve immediately