Lauren Booth, Australia

Love your yogurts! I recently tried your coconut yogurt and it's the nicest yogurt I've ever had!

Heather Lear, Australia

I just love your wonderful yogurt...So, great I can make my own fresh yogurt and love putting it over my porridge each morning.

Elizabeth Simpson, United Kingdom

I love it ... even had it with rhubarb last night ... and I tempted my fiance who (isnt a fan of yogurt) ate it too and enjoyed it.

Margaret Arthur, New-Zealand

I was lucky enough to win my Easiyo maker in a raffle some years ago and have been using it pretty regularly ever since. I now make the low fat yogurts, as I have lost a considerable amount of weight over the last 6 months and this will help keep it off.

Janice MacArthur, United Kingdom

My husband bought me the EasiYo product at the weekend. We made it last night and had some tonight. We layered a biscuit base, yoghurt and the passion fruit topping, twice. Absolutely delicious. Great buy. I am already thinking up new recipes.

Shanyn Engwicht, Australia

Easiyo is fantastic and with 2 children who eat bucket loads of yogurt, it is so much cheaper!

Maggi Gardiner, New-Zealand

Easiyo Greek and Coconut, The best ever..... With fresh paw paw and mango for breakfast. Who said the same breakfast everyday is boring ???

Layla Abrahams, New-Zealand

My young daughter does not like the taste of cows milk, and will not drink it or having it on or in cereal or porridge. She does however LOVE EasiYo and eats it every day. So, when I found the new Vanilla Bean Smoothie at my local supermarket last week, I thought I'd try that on her cereal before school, and ... she LOVED it! ... suggesting that I go back to the store immediately to get more - which I did, today. 6 packets should last a few weeks?! Thanks for introducing this new yogurt option. We both love it!

Gabriele Spiering, Australia

I just adore your yoghurt. Even our labrador loves it. It would be fabulous to have a blood orange flavour or apple or pear. It would also be delish to have a gourmet range such as caramelised fig or pomegrante. Yum! Keep up the great work.

Ingrid Dodunski-Wiid, New-Zealand

I think you new Greek and Coconut bits yoghurt is the best thing since sliced bread!! I cannot be without it for breakfast and snacking anymore. I always have a second one in the cupboard to go or I get panicky!!

Philipa Gawne, United Kingdom

I have used EasiYo since the day a knock on the door. We were living in Devonport NZ at the time, this was back in the very early 90's. I bought three packets, yoghurt maker and jars. From that day on I was hooked. I have travelled the world and my EasiYo goes with me. I have introduced so many people to the joys of EasiYo yoghurt making and they love it. My new old husband has to have a daily fix. He loves the caramel flavour. Sadly we can't get the full range over here, but needs as must. I am trying to work out a way how to bring back a load of EasiYo products without getting caught by customs..oops now I have exposed my plan.. Oh I took my EasiYo to the States with me this year and I have several families in Texas hooked on it. I am an original EasiYo girl...

Lawrence Davidson, Australia

Our family has been eating EasiYo Yoghurt for many, many years. Each morning my wife and have a serve (on cereal for Lawrie, on fruit for Pat). We also use it as a dessert component instead of cream or icecream. Always there, easy to make and delicious! Thank you very much.

Joanne Hill, Autralia

I bought Easiyo yesterday and made my first batch....Am definately hooked. The yoghurt is creamy and delish, even my extremely fussy 4 year old loves it. THANKYOU

Alexandra Summerton, Australia

Hi there, My Aunty recommended an EasiYo over Easter and mine has just arrived in the mail. We made our first batch last night of plain vanilla - it was so easy and so delicious! The kids helped, and as we eat a LOT of yoghurt, and are on a very tight budget, the EasiYo is the perfect addition to our home - thank you for the excellent product.

Beatriz Rivero, Australia

So easy, so delicious, so fresh...I love it!!!

Francine Gordon, Australia

Maggie at customer service was prompt, courteous and generous in her treatment of my small problem.
We use Easiyo every day in our family and love the convenience, the health, value and quality of the product.
I recommend it to anyone who desires these benefits in a yogurt.

Chris, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing product. My family and I are 1st time users of the easiyo yoghurt maker having recently purchased one. Truly a very tasty yoghurt and very easy to make. Having 3 kids myself and my partner all as yoghurt lovers this is the answer . I have just purchased additions.The 2pack of jar and 250ML travel jar plus and extra 250ml travel jar. Many happy times ahead. Just wanted to sincerely say Thank you to Easiyo . Now I have to start saving to keep purchasing the different tastes and flavour satchets
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