Frozen Blueberry Bites

Frozen Yogurt
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Line 2 trays with plastic wrap and put them in the freezer until the trays are frozen. 


Stir the yogurt to make sure it is smooth.  Drop 6 blueberries at a time onto the top of the yogurt and using a fork coat them in the yogurt. 


Tap the fork lightly on the side of the container to take off any excess yogurt and tip the blueberry onto the pre-frozen tray. 


After 1 cup of blueberries have been dipped return the tray to the freezer and start using the second tray. 


Leave for an hour to completely freeze. 


Loosen the blueberries with a knife and sprinkle the freeze dried raspberries over the blueberries using a sieve.  Tip them into a serving bowl and re-coat with freeze dried raspberries if needed. 

Serve immediately.

NB: For safe food preparation, ensure you wash and dry your hands well before touching food, and ensure all your cooking utensils are clean

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