At EasiYo Products, we are committed to long term practices to reduce our impact on the environment.  We aim to provide responsible packaging to ensure that we deliver a safe and quality product to our consumers while respecting the impact that our business has on the environment.


Together, we can make a difference.

Reduction in ‘single use’ packaging.   

We encourage and promote the use of reusable jarslunch takers (single serve containers) and EasiYo reusable pouches (child friendly) packaging.

Committed to the reduction in the impact of our non-recyclable packaging.

In order to deliver a safe and quality product to our consumer, we are obliged to use sachet packaging that has a foil barrier to protect and prevent spoilage and provide a barrier for the live cultures to survive. Unfortunately at this time, like most flexible plastic bags, this packaging is not recyclable.  We have however reduced the waste quantity of this packaging by reducing the weight of the foil to the minimum level, and reduced the size of the sachet to the most efficient size possible.  There continues to be global initiatives to address this issue which EasiYo Products is fully supportive of.

Maximising the efficiency of transport.

In terms of reduced weight, size and portability by using packaging and offering a dry product format.

Reducing the need for refrigerated distribution

Which has a global impact in terms of global warming and energy consumption.

Reduced food miles

With local procurement of ingredients and production in the United Kingdom for the United Kingdom market.

EasiYo Products Limited has CEMARS certification. 

CEMARS is a certified scheme for organisations and industries to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, put in place plans to reduce them and have both of these steps independently certified.